Welcome to my Home Page

Australia is now my home following a childhood in Yorkshire which revolved around horses. I studied in Wales and have taught Science at High Schools and Horse Management at TAFE colleges (Technical and Further Education) in NSW. For close to ten years I worked with The Cicerone Project, an agricultural research project. All our results are written up in a special issue of the international journal Animal Production Science, published in 2013 (Volume 53, Issues 7-8, pages 593-868)

Now retired, I teach a Writing Your Life course at the local chapter of the University of the Third Age (U3A).

I have developed a love of history but  was told by a history academic that, because I was science trained, I wouldn’t know how to research or write history… what a  perfect challenge to throw at a lass from Yorkshire!

My research and writing interests include:

Military History, in particular the 2/20 Battalion and 8th Division in Singapore and Malaya in the Second World War

Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA), the Ferry Pilots in WWII

Australian Colonial History

Writing Memoir

Family History


My Facebook pages is:-



My books are
Pounding Along to Singapore, a history of the 2/20 Battalion AIF“, available from me via this web site

From Baron to Battler, the story of Dr CUD Schrader of Walcha, 1860-1900

available from<www.smashwords.com/books/view/129058>

The Schrader Letters, 1871-1896” available from <www.smashword.com/books/view/109893>

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