Thank you for choosing to buy your copy of “Pounding Along to Singapore”.

The cost is $39.60 posted to an address in Australia.

You can BUY IT NOW and transfer funds securely from your PayPal or credit card account. You’ll need to enter the amount, and quote my email address

REMEMBER to send your name and address to my email address so I know where to send the book!

Otherwise please contact me at so we can arrange

  • To pay by electronic transfer or
  • To pay by cheque/money order
  • For a discount on more than one copy
  • For overseas postage

Sorry if it seems a bit ‘messy’ but the usual BUY NOW PayPal button doesn’t appear to work with WordPress.

  1. Antnony Muffett says:

    I have just paid for the 2/20th history via PayPal. My details will be listed there.

  2. Bill says:

    Hi is anyone there please? The email address bounced

    • cagaden says:

      Hello Bill
      My apologies for the bouncing email, I have recently changed to and I forgot to change the website in the midst of a house move interstate… hopefully I have now caught up with most changes!!
      How can I help?
      All the best

      “Pounding Along to Singapore, a history of the 2/20 Battalion AIF”, available from

      “First Colonial Treasurer of NSW – William Balcombe, friend of Napoleon”
      available at no cost from my website under “First Colonial Treasurer of NSW – William Balcombe”.
      “The Buffalo and Crocodile Hunters of the Northern Territory”

      “From Baron to Battler, the story of Dr CUD Schrader of Walcha, 1860-1900”

      “The Schrader Letters,1871-1896”



  3. Glen McNamara says:

    Hello Caroline, I’d like to buy a copy of your book about the 2/20. Is Paypal to your gmail address still OK?

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